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Nurziya Khalilova

Your visit this site in order to get sight of artists and art discussion.
I’m not an artist in the simplest comprehension. I do alive art. Here I mean my life, my thoughts, my view.
Who am I? Everybody asks himself/herself at least a few time in a year. I’m not exception. I have just one peculiarity: I like to get different answer every time. Is it crazy? May be…
Talks materially minded: I’m an architecture student. Doing sketches of buildings, blueprints of cities, history researching of some districts and so on are parts of my life. Its’s not a job. It’s lifestyle. I inspire myself by doing drawings. I’m not painter. But it was the way how I came to idea of being an architect. I liked color experiments from childhood, first materials weren’t only watercolors and paper, Mom’s nailpolish… I used it to design ornament on a cupboard. Then color plays became deficiently… I needed to see forms and figures. I started to construct. First materials were branches and sticks, stones and sand and, of course, clay. The next step was designing furniture. I did it at grandpa’s country house. There I could find wooded bricks and nail. Striked fingers didn’t stop me.
Now I need not only colors or forms, I need area to make my ideas come true. Architectures have to have huge practice, it gets years and years. I don’t have that patience. I have to experiment till I don’t build awkward things.
What I did? I start to run art exhibitions. As result I learned work not only with colors, forms and area, but I need to work with thoughts of artist who is curated by me. Time gone and I missed that time when fall in love with this job. Cooperating with art piece and thoughts of stranger person, who is an artist. It means he/she very sensitive and tender one. Sometimes I think, curator is kind of surgeon. So ticklish job.
My another passion is literature. I like to read novels, as poems. Actually I write poems from childhood and I am good at composition, what else… yes, and international civil law.

Nurziya Khalilova was born in 1993. In 2011 she graduated from high school in the Russian Federation and entered the Faculty of International Relations at Eastern Mediterranean University in Cyprus. Since 2014, she studied architecture at the Azerbaijan Architecture and Construction University. Interested in visual arts and literature. A participant of the workshops of Chingiz Babayev, Teymur Daimi and Sabina Shikhlinskaya. İn 2014 she became a correspondent of ART newspaper (Arts Council Azerbaijan issue). From 2014 she is Head of Media at Arts Council Azerbaijan. The list of exhibitions were curated by her: “Art & Motors”, “Sahil”, “Khojaly”, “Eclectic”, “The moments of happiness”, “Femina”.

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