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28 shades of reality

28 year’s of YUG theater, the total phase development of the country and society through the prism of these 28 years: the end of the 80 to independence days; crazy 90 years and beginning of 2000- new ere and finally the current stage of development, the so-called boom in art, interest in contemporary theater, as well as dance, experimental theater. The history and origins of YUG theater represents a common way for the development of the national theater, as well as the model of society and being the symbol of it’s changing faces.
Being the exhibition’s videoinstallation collected by 21 plays during the 28 years of YUG’s existing it represents through the 3 periods: beginning(end of Soviets and independance-89-90), 2000 new ere and current periode- (2010-present), the common history, changes, evolution in society